Submit a Photo of Your Childs Dirty Nappy

Doctors and nurses have always needed to look at the dirty nappies of jaundiced babies, but we are now asking for this in digital format.

To complete your child’s digital jaundice screening, please upload an image of the child’s fresh dirty nappy. Please don’t include anything with any text or any part of the body in the photo, or we will need to request a new photo to protect your privacy.

The images you upload will be made available to a healthcare worker.

If for any reason you are unable to upload an image of the child’s dirty nappy, you do not need to worry and can skip this step and continue with your booked prolonged jaundice appointment.

    Your unique ID (e.g. ELIXIR123a45b678cd9). This should be auto-populated into the box above. If it is not, please just copy and paste it from the email sent to you.

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    Please take a photo of your child’s fresh dirty nappy. You can also upload an existing image in .png or .jpg format.
    Please do not include any personally identifiable information in the image.

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    By submitting a photo of a dirty nappy, you are able to receive your child's blood test results via email.

    You will get your results quicker and this will save paper. You will always receive a phone call if any of your results are abnormal or if any of the blood tests need to be repeated.

    If you would prefer to receive your results by post, please indicate this below.

    If Email is selected, results will be sent to the email address previously provided.


    View Privacy Policy

    Elixir AI Ltd. is the medical technology company working with ESNEFT to provide the software to help your child to get seen quickly. Your photo will be encrypted and stored by Elixir and made available to your healthcare worker.

    Elixir have created an anonymous database of photos of dirty nappies linked to one of the blood tests that will take place in the clinic, the split bilirubin. Elixir is doing this so that in the future rare diseases that cause jaundice in babies can be diagnosed faster.

    The photo you share and the linked split bilirubin blood result from your baby, are stored by Elixir on a separate encrypted database, held apart from other identifying data. When instructed by your healthcare provider, Elixir will delete the other data linked to the photo, including all person identifiable data. At this point the image of the dirty nappy from your baby and the linked blood test will be added to Elixir’s database. If you would not like the anonymous image and blood test to be held by Elixir, please get in touch, quoting your Unique ID (e.g. ELIXIR123a45b678cd9). Your decision on this matter will not affect the care your child receives in any way.

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