Plaster of Paris Casts, Splints and Supports

Emergency Department Tel: 01206 742847

  • Don’t walk on your cast at any time as it is non-weight bearing.
  • Don’t write on your plaster until is dry.
  • Don’t get it wet.
  • Don’t poke anything down under your plaster.
  • Don’t keep your sling on longer than instructed.
  • Don’t cut, knock or bump your Plaster.
  • Do exercise your fingers, toes, shoulder and elbow joints.
  • Do elevate your plastered limb, whenever possible.
  • Do use crutches as instructed. Please return them when no longer needed

Telephone 01206 742117 at once if any of the following appear in your fingers/toes:

  • severe pain
  • marked swelling which does not reduce after you have elevated the limb for one hour
  • blueness or discolouration
  • inability to move fingers/toes
  • numbness or pins and needles

or if your cast:

  • cracks
  • softens
  • becomes loose, or is otherwise uncomfortable.

If in doubt, telephone for advice on 01206 742117

Please take care of your plaster.