Parent Administration of Medicines in Hospital

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What is parent administration of medicines in hospital?

Parent administration of medicines (PAM) is a programme used by the Children’s Services department to help improve your knowledge about your child’s medicines.

This is to help you cope more easily with your child’s medicines when you get home.

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This programme will help you to:

  • understand the purpose of your child’s medicines and how to give them safely 
  • understand more about your child’s condition and general health.

Before you take part in the programme you will have the opportunity to discuss with your nurse exactly what parent administration means and what the benefits will be for you and your child.

You will also be able to discuss and ask questions about your child’s medication with a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Parent administration is not compulsory and you must not feel you have to take part, even if asked.

If you agree to participate, a trained member of the nursing staff will:

  • explain parent administration to you in more detail 
  • explain which medicines your child will be taking 
  • explain the doses and when to give your child the medicines 
  • explain any possible side effects of the medicines 
  • offer you a card showing the times and doses of your medicines as a reminder and a tick chart so you can record the times and doses of medicines your child has taken.
  • please keep all your child’s medication in the locked compartment in the bedside locker and keep the key in a safe place out of the reach of others. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to withdraw from the scheme 
  • do not vary from the prescribed doses 
  • if you forget which medicines you have given your child or if at any time you are not sure of something, please talk to your nurse as soon as possible 
  • remember that medicines can be dangerous if not used properly 
  • under no circumstances should you share medication with other parents or accept medication from another parent 
  • if any visitor, other parent or anyone else attempts to take medicines from, or open, your child’s locker, please call a nurse at once 
  • please make sure you return the key before leaving the ward to go home.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to telephone us.

Children’s Ward Tel: 01206 746208 Neonatal Unit Tel: 01206 742857

When your child attends hospital you will be asked to confirm his or her first and last names, date of birth, postcode and NHS number, if you know it, and to let us know if he or she has any allergies.

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