Admission Information for Planned Surgery

Bergholt Ward
Tel: 01473 702194 or 702195


Your child has been asked to come into Bergholt Ward for a planned operation.

This leaflet is designed to help you prepare for this admission.

It is important that your child does not eat and drink before their operation.

If you have been asked to come to the ward at 7 am, your child cannot have anything to eat after midnight on the day before admission. He or she may drink clear fluids between midnight and 6 am.

A drink of clear fluids is one that you can read a newspaper through, for example, water or very weak squash; not milk, fruit juice or tea. He or she may have a last drink at 6 am but nothing further to drink after 6.30am.

If your child is an infant taking milk feeds he or she may feed until 2 am, but have no further milk after 2.30am. He or she may have clear fluids until 6 am but nothing after 6.30am.

If you have been asked to come to the ward at 12 noon, your child may have a light breakfast at 7 am – to be finished by 7.30am. He or she may drink clear fluids until 11 am.

Your child may bring their own special toy or comforter with them to the ward, but we ask that you keep it safe as Ipswich Hospital cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage.

We ask that if your child requires nappies, formula milk or any other special milk/ feeds, you bring these with you to the ward.

Admission to hospital: It is important that your child should take any regular medications, such as inhalers, at the usual time on the day of surgery. Please bring your child’s regular medication with you to the ward.

A concessionary car park ticket is available for £4.00, this ticket will be valid for three days. You will need to bring your pay and display ticket and car registration number with you to the ward and we will issue you with a permit.

The ward has an open visiting policy for parents but asks that any other visitors only visit between 2 – 7 pm. If your child is required to stay overnight, the ward provides facilities for one parent to stay by the child’s bedside overnight.

Your child will have to stay on the ward until they are well enough to go home or their doctor is happy for them to go home.

It is advisable to have a supply of paracetamol and ibuprofen at home in case your child requires it.